Did you know that Solar Panels alone aren’t enough? If you are tied to the grid, and the grid goes down, you won’t have power even if you have solar panels. That is why we recommend Battery Backups. If you already have solar panels we can install the backup no problem with your existing system. If you do need solar panels we can do that as well. Our team is highly trained and able to help you with whatever you need. Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.
Not only are we experts with battery backup systems, we also offer a wide-range of other services such as solar panel installation, electrical remodeling, electrical repair, and backup generators.

-Backup Generators

Backup generators are almost as important as backup batteries, but for a different reason. Where a backup battery is for the occasion that the electrical grid fails and you need to go off of the solar power already harvested, backup generators are needed for emergent situations such as solar power damage and prolonged power outages.
If the power grid fails and you use all of your stored solar power, or your solar panels become damaged, a backup generator will keep you up and running until either more solar power can be harvested or your solar panels repaired. Backup generators have become more and more affordable as an increasing number of people switch to alternative power sources, contact us today for more information about if you need a backup generator.

-House Remodeling
If you are remodeling your house extensively, you will need an electrician who can make sure your improvements are safe, effective, and up to city code. We can help you with that. Our top-notch team has years of experience with electrical work and will help you understand what is the most efficient, reliable, and cost effective way to achieve the remodeling that you desire.

-Save Money
Most people don’t know that buying solar panels will actually save you a lot of money. There is a government tax credit available for anyone who purchases residential solar panels that equates to 30% of the system cost. On top of that, the average home saves over $1,000 per year with solar panels. Not only will you be self-reliant, you will also be able to save money for some of the other necessities of life.

-Good for the environment.
It’s no surprise hearing that solar panels are good for the environment, but not a lot of people know how good. Most electricity in the US is created by burning fossil fuels. Not only is that a non-renewable resource, it causes a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. The average Utah resident uses about 8,929 KWH (kilowatt hours) per year. That is the same as burning over 5,000 lbs of coal. To clean that amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, you would need to plant over 150 trees. Easier than planting 150 trees, though, is switching to solar.


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