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Whether you are an individual looking for businesses or a business wanting more exposure, Enoweek is for you. Enoweek is a Canadian business directory. Its mains purpose is to allow companies to increase their visibility on the Internet. Moreover, as an individual looking for a service, you can get that from the information provided. 

How does Enoweek work?

The use of Enoweek is quite simple and straightforward. There are two ways to explain how Enoweek works. The first is by taking a look at Enoweek from consumers' perspectives. And the second from Business perspectives. Let start by consumers.

How can consumers use Enoweek?

As a consumer or an individual, you can use Enoweek to search for Companies in Canada. It may be useful if you are looking for a job, a company offering a specific service or place. The software is in such a way that you can restrict your search to a particular area. And as such, you have more chances of getting more information or getting services from local businesses. Some of the features that may be useful for an individual are: 

  • get detailed information about companies' services 
  • Find services in your local area 
  • Compare some products 
  • Connect with your loved companies easily through 

Enoweek for businesses

As a business owner, you can use Enoweek to increase your online presence.

Moreover, you can get a new online link. All our users looking for services related to your companies will easily find you. The steps to start using Enoweek are as follow: 

  • Create your account. You can use this link to find out more
  • You add your text, picture and videos 
  • Include your URLs and social links 

Our online community

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